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Our comprehensive Screening and Selection Tool offers maximum security in staff recruitment for the health care industry. This “one of a kind” complete Selection and Screening Package cannot be found anywhere else. The entire hiring process is captured within one package, including forms, applications, instructions for implementation and evaluation and checklists.

  • All necessary documents are included, facilitating the organization of hiring process forms.
  • It provides an instant ‘employee file’, the completeness of which depends on the applicant’s progress throughout the hiring process
  • It allows for several “check and balance” points, providing a measure of accountability within the HR department.
  • It serves as evidence of due diligence in the screening and selection process
  • It can be high-lighted as a benefit when applying for insurance coverage
  • The product in and of itself ensures consistency within the HR department and serves as a training tool for new HR staff
  • It creates the sense of security that you are providing the safest possible environment of care for your clients and staff
  • It enables candidates to be screened and prioritized ensuring only the top candidates are selected to advance to the interview process
  • It improves efficiency within the HR department and HR process.

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