Our Homecare Advantage Program provides
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Discharge HomeCare

Our discharge homecare program was designed in response to the need for immediate client care during and post hospital discharge. This program involves the transporting and immediate short term care of clients to ensure they arrive safely to their home after a hospital stay or day surgery. Three types of homecare are available under this program:

Escort Client Home
Our one hour service includes transporting the client from the hospital to their home, assisting them with settling in, preparing a beverage and/or snack. This service also includes consulting with the client's relative, friend or case manager to ensure all members of the care team are updated, informed and aware of the client's emotional and physical condition.

Risk Management Cleaning
This program involves the same features as the escort client home program, as well as a thorough safety assessment of the home and housekeeping. The case manager based on the level of client need, determines housekeeping.

Personal Care
This service includes escorting client home, safety assessment, meal preparation and assistance with personal care, such as bathing, grooming, hair washing and incontinence management.

Our personal client care assistance may include:

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